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Covid-19: mock vaccination will take place on day 2 of the dry test today


It is the second day of the vaccination trial in four states where the necessary infrastructure and processes are being tested before the expected launch of the Covid-19 vaccine in January.

The two-day trial from start to finish is taking place in Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh, Rajkot and Gandhinagar in Gujarat, Ludhiana and Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar (Nawanshahr) in Punjab and Sonitpur and Nalbari districts in Assam.

While Monday’s exercise included a mock registration of volunteers, officials said Tuesday is when they will be called in for the mock vaccination.

Nawanshahr District Immunization Officer Dr. Davinder Dhanda said that each center has a waiting area, an injection room and an observation room where the person who undergoes a “mock vaccination” on Tuesday during testing it will keep for half an hour.

Before the drill, a special staff training workshop was held on Monday. Yesterday’s exercise also tested the functionality of Co-WIN, an online platform for monitoring Covid-19 vaccine delivery, deployment of team members, checking cold storage, transportation arrangements, and other arrangements while all necessary protocols are followed.

The trial was taking place in five locations with 25 trial beneficiaries (healthcare workers) for each session.

“We register this in the Co-WIN application and send SMS to the chosen patients. We have monitored the time required for the different processes and the logistics involved. This will be used in a real-time simulation, ”Krishna district harvester A. Md Imtiyaz told reporters.

Officials said these SMS will be treated as proof of identity for patients to enter their assigned centers on Tuesday. Each center is equipped with a team of five doctors.

The states will submit a report on the drill that lists the issues involved to the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, in addition to the State Task Force, for necessary actions.

The exercise comes at a time when drug regulators are expected to make a decision on emergency approval to pave the way for the first injections. The country aims to deliver doses, probably in a regimen of two, to 300 million people by the summer, one of the most important logistics exercises to take place outside of elections.

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