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BJP Alleges ‘Cong-Backed Conspiracy’ to Cripple Communication and Public Services in Punjab | India News


CHANDIGARH: BJP Secretary General Tarun Chugh alleged Tuesday that there is a “congressional-backed conspiracy” in Punjab to break the communications system in the border state, after more than 1,500 mobile towers were attacked during the upheaval. of farmers.
“Amarinder Singh’s government has been covertly supporting disruptive elements in the state who, disguised as peasant unrest, have sparked urban Naxalism in Punjab.
“In addition to damaging communication towers, such elements would block roads and rails, paralyze toll plazas … there is a congressional-backed conspiracy in Punjab to break the communication system,” he alleged in a statement here.
On Monday, Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh had said that 1,561 mobile towers were “hit” in the state during the farmers’ upheaval, and ordered the police to crack down on vandalism and disruption of crops. Telecommunications services.
Stating that he will not allow Punjab to plunge into anarchy at any cost and that no one can be allowed to take the law into their hands, the prime minister said he had been forced to toughen up because his repeated calls had been ignored. .
Chugh asked why the Amarinder Singh government “has not taken action” against those involved in destroying telecommunications towers.
“Disruptive elements supported by Congress have negatively affected students who depend on online education and other professionals such as bankers and entrepreneurs,” he said.
“The Amarinder government is wreaking havoc in the state and the Center should take action against it immediately,” Chugh demanded.
A total of 1,561 mobile towers have been affected in the state, according to an official statement on Monday.
The state has 21,306 mobile towers spread over its 22 districts.

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