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Alliance broke up after I refused to abide by BJP’s terms: Mehbooba | India News


SRINAGAR: Former J&K chief minister and PDP chair Mehbooba Mufti said on Tuesday that BJP withdrew support for her government in 2018 after it refused to launch an offensive against Jamiat-e-Islami activists and for not agree to stop delivering the bodies of militants to their families for the last rites.
He also blamed the Hurriyat leaders for bringing “the worst to Kashmir” by closing the doors to all party delegations from New Delhi. “He sent a bad message to all of India,” he said in his speech to party workers at the PDP headquarters here on Tuesday.
Mehbooba stated that the PDP will continue to attest to the resolution of the Kashmir issue through the dialogue between India and Pakistan. He recalled that his father, Mufti Muhammad Sayeed, had joined BJP only to “cage a ghost” in a bottle so that article 370 would not be changed. “In the alliance agreement between PDP and BJP, it was specifically decided that Article 370 will not be modified. In addition, preconditions existed between the two sides for the roads connecting India and Pakistan to be opened and dialogue with the leaders of Hurriyat and Pakistan to resume. These were the stipulations of the alliance ”.
Mehbooba said the alliance collapsed after BJP asked him to sign a pact that said: “The bodies of militants (local and foreign) will not be handed over to their families for the last rites and an offensive will be launched against Jamiat-e- Islami in Kashmir. ”
“I refused to agree to this, which led to the downfall of the PDP-BJP alliance,” he said.
Mehbooba lamented that while PDP was in league with BJP, a golden opportunity was missed when Hurriyat leaders closed their doors to delegations from all parties. “This set a bad example for the Kashmiri people all over India,” he said, adding that after that another opportunity was missed by not responding to repeated offers from then-Interior Minister Rajnath Singh, who had said: ” My doors are open to everyone. ”
Congratulating the newly elected district development council (DDC) members, Mehbooba said: “BJP had written the obituary for the PDP, but the council elections proved that the PDP is the real people’s party.”
Training her weapons at the Center led by BJP, the former CM said that history bears witness that every time a large party comes to power, it invites smaller parties to be part of the government. “But no … now we are witnessing the opposite … BJP has made the country’s main investigative agencies like NIA, ED and CBI its partners, just to repress and intimidate people.”
Accusing the BJP-led regime of suffocating the Kashmiri economy and insulting the J&K Constitution by removing Article 370, Mehbooba said: “No matter how far the BJP goes to suffocate the Kashmir economy and make us dependent on all fronts, we will not bow. ”
She said that in the past two months, almost no PDP worker was intimidated, threatened, warned, and now DDC winners are being blackmailed into joining other parties.
She alleged: “A person who was caught carrying three weapons in his car was released and the case against him was dropped when he became a proxy for BJP … On the contrary, PDP youth leader Waheed Para, who got hundreds of young people to join behind bars for NIA. ”

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