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The government lifts the ban on the export of onions and allows the trade of all varieties from January 1


The Center lifted the ban on exporting all varieties of onions from January 1 next year on Monday. In anticipation of a supply crisis, the government had halted the trading exercise earlier this year in September due to a rebound in prices.

“The export of all varieties of onions … has been made free with effect from January 1, 2021,” said the General Directorate of Foreign Trade in a notification.

The government had last banned onion exports on September 29, 2019, after a poor harvest reduced production. In December 2019, prices skyrocketed to Rs 80 per kg in the national capital. The government had lifted the ban on March 15, 2020.

Since the bulb is a common staple ingredient in most dishes and is widely consumed, consumers are quite sensitive to an increase in onion prices, compared to many other staples.

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