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Odisha to repeal more than 200 outdated laws in next year’s budget session


More than 40 years after Odisha repealed over a hundred redundant and outdated laws through the Odisha Repeal Act of 1976, the state government would repeal about 200 such laws.

The state cabinet, which met today, approved the repeal of 206 old and outdated laws that were passed between 1976 and 2016. The chief secretary of the legal department, Shashikant Mishra, said that since September this year, 33 departments of the state that will list outdated laws that can be repealed. “From the initial list of 699 laws, we have decided to repeal 206 laws in the first phase. After the State Law Commission recommended its repeal, the Cabinet approved it. The laws would be repealed through the Odisha 2021 repeal bill to be moved in the Assembly’s budget session, ”he said.

Among the 206 laws and laws that the Odisha Repeal Bill 2021 wants to eliminate is the Odisha Motor Spirit (Sales Tax) Amendment Act of 1974, the Odisha Entertainment Tax (Amendment) Act of 1975, the Odisha Electricity Rights (Amendment) Act 2010, Orissa The Police Amendment Act 1976, which regulates black marketing in movie theaters, and the Orissa Police Amendment Act 1975, which it forced people in an area to pay a fine if they did not provide timely help in the event of property destruction. it also became redundant. Similarly, the Orissa Gambling Prevention Act of 1955 would also be repealed.

Orissa Eyes (Authorities for Therapeutic Use) Act, 1985, which is no longer valid after Parliament passed the Human Organ and Tissue Transplantation Act in 1994, and the Orissa Fireworks and Speakers Amendment Act of 1979 that empowered the district collectors to stop the display of fireworks and the use of loudspeakers in an area for six months, would be repealed. Similarly, at least eight laws under the Bihar Odisha Excise Tax Amendment Act between 1974 and 1998 became obsolete after the passage of the 2005 Odisha Excise Law.

The last time Odisha had repealed more than 100 old and outdated laws was in 1978, when the Janata Party government, led by then-Prime Minister Nilamani Routray, was in power in the state. In the Center, the Narendra Modi government has repealed more than 1,400 outdated laws after he came to power in 2014. The move came after the Law Commission found that a large number of appropriation laws passed earlier still continued.

Odisha’s Cabinet also passed a resolution proposing fees for medical and engineering courses for students at government-run schools in the state. Under the proposal, students who complete their education in state schools will have a reservation during admission to medicine and engineering courses.

A high-powered committee will be formed under the chairmanship of a retired judge from the Orissa High Court to set the modalities in three months for the effective implementation of the recommendations for the next academic year.

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