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I had no desire to become Prime Minister: Bihar CM Nitish Kumar | India News


NEW DELHI: Bihar Prime Minister Nitish Kumar said on Sunday that he had no desire to become prime minister and that if the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) wishes, it can appoint its own prime minister.
“I had no desire to become prime minister. I said the public had given their mandate and anyone can be appointed prime minister, BJP could make their own prime minister,” Nitish said in the JD (U) national executive. meeting.
Hours after handing over the party reins to his longtime aide, Ram Chandra Prasad Singh, Nitish said he was under immense pressure from the coalition to continue as prime minister.
“After the election results came in, I made my wish known to the coalition. But the pressure was so great that I had to get back to work,” Nitish said.
Nitish’s statement comes a week after six of the seven JD (U) lawmakers in Arunachal Pradesh defected to their ally BJP.

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