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Hanumantha Rao Demands Police Protection Citing Threat to Life of Revanth Reddy Supporters


Congressional leader V Hanumantha Rao on Monday asked the Telangana Police to provide him with security, claiming that supporters of party leader Revanth Reddy are giving him their lives.

In a letter to Telangana Chief of Police (DGP) Mahender Reddy Gar, Rao said that he began receiving calls from an unknown number since the afternoon of December 25.

“I got a call around 3.30 pm (December 25). The caller was using vulgar and dirty language. He asked me why I was opposed to Revanth Reddy becoming TPCC president. The caller made the conversation go viral on social media where my photo and Revanth Reddy’s photos were displayed. I brought the matter to the attention of the Hyderabad Police Commissioner. He told me to file a complaint with the Cyberabad Commissioner since the incident occurred there. Then I wrote a complaint and gave it to the ACP. He has forwarded it to Inspector Raidurgam, ”he wrote in the letter.

The congressional leader said that in his 42-year political career he opposed many leaders of all parties, but never received such threats in his life and asked the DCP to provide him with sufficient protection (security).

In particular, Rao threatened to resign from the party on December 25, along with other party leaders, if Revanth Reddy, who has a background of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), is appointed head of the Telangana Pradesh Congressional Committee (TPCC).

Hindustan Times