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Farmers’protest LIVE Updates: Anti-Farm Laws Upheaval Enters Day 33


Protests against the Center’s three controversial farm laws began on Monday the 33rd as the government and the farmers union prepare for the sixth round of talks on Tuesday. Farmers’ unions had accepted the government’s second proposal on Saturday to hold the sixth round of talks at a date and time convenient for the unions, having rejected an earlier invitation. On Sunday, Delhi Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal visited the Singhu border to interact with protesting farmers and “challenged” any Union minister to discuss the laws with protesting farmers to make it clear “how beneficial or harmful are these laws “. Kejriwal had previously visited the Singhu border, which has become the epicenter of the uproar, on December 7.

Since September when these laws were passed, farmers, predominantly from Punjab and Haryana, have protested against what they call “black laws.” Initially, the train tracks were blocked in Punjab and farmers arrived in Delhi on November 26 and have been camping on various borders of the national capital ever since. Farmers have repeatedly said they are prepared for a “long road” and will not return until the laws are repealed; the government, on the other hand, has ruled out a repeal and instead proposed amendments to them.

All five previous rounds of talks, including one on December 1, 3 and 5, have failed to break the deadlock. The outreach of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also failed to convince farmers.

Here are the live updates from day 33 of the protests against the farm laws:

Day 33 of uproar against farm laws

Protests against the government’s three controversial agricultural laws in Delhi, which began on November 26, entered the 33rd on Monday. The sixth round of talks between the government and farmers’ unions is likely to take place on Tuesday.

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