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Covid-19 Recoveries: India’s Journey from 100,000 to 9.7 Million


India’s coronavirus disease (Covid-19) case count rose to 10,207,871 on Monday, as the Union Health Ministry reported that the country had recorded a total of 20,021 new infections in the previous 24 hours. . However, out of India’s total case count, more than 9.7 million or nearly 96% of patients have beaten the disease, putting their active case load as well as recovery rate in between the highest in the world.

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As of Monday, a total of 9,782,669 patients have recovered from Covid-19, according to the Health Ministry dashboard. India had crossed the 9.7 million recovery mark on December 25, with a total of 9,717,834 recovered cases that day. This means that the country reported about 65,000 or 64,835 recoveries between December 25 and 28. Hours earlier, the Ministry of Health shared a graph showing India’s progression from 100,000 to 9.7 million recoveries.

The graph shows that India made 100,000 recoveries on June 3. The country crossed the 1 million mark on July 30, 2 million on August 19, 3 million on September 4, and 4 million on September 17. The 5 million mark was reached on September 28. , followed by the 6 million, 7 million, 8 million, 9 million, and finally the 9.7 million mark on October 11, October 24, November 11, December 9, and December 25, respectively. The country’s total Covid-19 count on the day it reached 100,302 recoveries was 207,615, which meant a recovery rate of 48.31%. On the day the recovery mark reached 5,016,520, the total count was 6,074,703 or a recovery rate of 82.58%.

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Despite India being the second most affected country in the world, as well as the second to cross the 10 million mark of Covid-19 cases, in both cases after the United States, the government has repeatedly pointed to the overall recovery rate. from the country. Now, with India about to start a vaccination campaign, the recovery rate could improve further.

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