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Congress Foundation Day: Sonia Gandhi urges party members to unite to fight the dictatorship | India News


NEW DELHI: Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Monday urged party leaders and workers to unite to fight the dictatorship and protect the country’s democracy, the Constitution and compatriots.
Addressing party workers in a video message on the 136th day of the party’s founding, Sonia Gandhi said that the country is going through difficult times like those that prevailed before independence.
Congratulating the leaders of Congress and the workers on the culmination of 135 years of formation of the party, he said that he has traveled the path from the fight for freedom until now to achieve the values ​​of patriotism, fearlessness, altruism, selfless service towards humanity, brotherhood and country. unity and integrity.
Sonia said the party was launched as part of a “jan andolan” (popular movement) during the fight for freedom and has seen times when atrocities were committed against its leaders and workers.
“But the congressmen have not been left behind in achieving their goals of obtaining the freedom of India and serving the country, despite taking lathis, going to jail and giving their supreme sacrifices,” he said, adding that the great old party has helped lay a solid foundation for the country.
“Today, once again, the circumstances are similar to those that existed before independence. People’s rights are being crushed, there is dictatorship everywhere, democratic and constitutional institutions are ending.
“Unemployment is at its peak, farms and fields are under attack and black laws are being imposed on the country’s ‘annadata’ (food provider). In such circumstances, it is our responsibility to save the country from such a dictatorship and fight it. This is true patriotism, “Sonia said in her video message.
Urging the congressmen to strengthen the party at all levels, he said it is the hope of the people of the country.
“We will have to unite to save the pride and honor of the tricolor, under which we achieved the freedom of our nation.
“We have to win the hearts of the people. We must commit ourselves on the founding day of Congress to fight to protect the country’s democracy, the Constitution and the compatriots for whom we will fight until our last breath,” he said.
Sonia skipped the party’s founding day function at AICC headquarters here. Former party chief Rahul Gandhi also skipped the event because he is abroad. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and several Congressional leaders attended the function.

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