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Agrarian reform resumed after adequate preparation: PM | India News


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday that the government had embarked on agricultural reforms after adequate preparation while halting the 100th run of the Kisan Rail service from Sangola in Maharashtra to Shalimar in West Bengal.
Modi said that this service opens a huge avenue for hundreds of thousands of West Bengal small farmers and the local small business owner.
Citing how the government had made announcements to start Kisan Rail and Krishi Udaan for faster movement of perishable agricultural products in the latest budget, Modi said: “We have gone ahead with agricultural reforms only after strong preparation (pukta tayyari). .. To guarantee more employment in rural areas and a better life for farmers, it is necessary to have new solutions and new facilities. With this objective we are undertaking agricultural reforms, one after another. ”
He said experts in the field of agriculture and experiences from other countries and new technologies are being incorporated into Indian agriculture.
Speaking on the occasion, the Union agriculture minister, Narendra Singh Tomar, also said that while framing new agricultural laws or amending existing ones, the government’s intention has been to pursue the goal of doubling farmers’ income, increasing participation of agriculture in the country’s GDP, bring investment and eliminate legal restrictions on farmers.
Modi also said that the government is committed to protecting the interests of small and marginal farmers, noting that 80% of Kisan Rail beneficiaries belong to these groups. He said that since there is no minimum quantity requirement to make use of this facility, farmers can send small packages of their produce down the Kisan railway at a subsidized rate. He said the smallest shipment from a Kisan Rail was just 3kg of grenade and another 17 dozen eggs.
“This simply shows that our policies and intentions are clean (niyat aur niti saaf hai) to safeguard the interest of small and marginal farmers,” he said.
PM said the government was working to provide Kisan Rail service across the country to ensure that this convenient and cheaper mode of transportation provides connectivity to all markets.
Highlighting the growing demand for Kisan Rail, Modi said it shows how the government “is on the right track.”

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