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1st time since the Covid outbreak, weekly cases fall in all states | India News

NEW DELHI: For the first time since the Covid-19 virus spread through the country in March, all states and territories in the Union (UT) saw a weekly decrease in new cases last week, indicating that the pandemic was regressing across India. , for now.
The only exception was the UT of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu, who reported all nine cases during the week (December 21-27), two cases more than the previous seven-day count.
Meanwhile, only 16,143 new cases were reported in the country on Monday, the lowest single-day count in more than six months since June 23. Deaths also fell to 251, the lowest daily toll from the virus since June 2, nearly seven months ago. .

1st time since the Covid outbreak, weekly cases fall in all states | India News

While weekly cases have declined for the past seven weeks and in 14 of the past 15 weeks, this was the first time all states saw a decline. In the previous week (December 14-20), Kerala had seen an increase in infections, registering an increase of more than 3,300 cases from the previous week. Overall, cases had increased in six states / UT during that week, although the increase was marginal in most.
However, last week, cases fell in Kerala by almost 1,900. The state still registered the highest number of new cases in the country at 34,647, averaging about 5,000 per day. Maharashtra recorded the second highest case count with 23,032, followed by Bengal (10,615) and Chhattisgarh (7,930).
Bengal posted the steepest week-over-week drop in cases, as the state’s numbers dropped by 4,418, a decline of nearly 30%. Weekly cases have fallen steadily in the state from a high of 27,950 eight weeks ago.
The decline was equally impressive in Delhi, which reported just 5,846 new cases in the week, a decrease of 3,705 from the previous week. The capital’s weekly count had peaked at 46,876, down from the daily average of nearly 6,700, seven weeks ago.
Other states that showed a sharp drop in weekly cases include Maharashtra (-3,288), Chhattisgarh (-2,269), Haryana ((1,989), and Uttar Pradesh (-1,684).
Among the large states, the lowest drop in cases was recorded in Bihar (-245), Telangana (-241) and Odisha (-205), all states that have still been reporting very low numbers of new cases in The last weeks.
Meanwhile, the count of new infections dropped to 16,143 on Monday, that day of the week when cases drop sharply due to decreased testing and staff shortages over the weekend. However, even by those standards, this was the lowest daily count reported on any day since 15,689 cases were recorded on June 23.

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