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The government extends the validity of license documents and vehicles until March 2021 | India News


NEW DELHI: The Ministry of Road and Highway Transportation extended the validity of the driver’s license (DL) and other vehicle-related documents, such as RC, permits and certificate of fitness, until March 31st on Sunday. This will apply to documents whose validity has expired since February 2020 or would expire on March 31, 2021.
In a notice to the states, the ministry said that such “documents can be treated as valid until March 31, 2021.” This will help citizens take advantage of transportation-related services, while maintaining social distancing, the ministry said.

The notice came just hours after TOI reported that commercial vehicle owners had made a suggestion to the government to extend the relaxations in light of the practical problems they face when significant numbers of their vehicles are still idle. “For example, our buses, which are connected to the schools, do not work and we cannot operate them until the schools are open. So the government must consider all issues before making any decision, ”said the school bus operator. He added that even a large number of other buses operated by private operators are idle without work as people travel less on buses.
Sources from state transportation departments also said that a large number of people who had obtained the learner’s license from August-September 2019 were unable to take the driving test to obtain a permanent license due to the lockdown. “Now there is a great demand from these applicants for practical exams. But we cannot assign them the time slot for testing. These are some practical aspects that the government must take into consideration ”, said one of them.

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