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Seer Pejwara Has A Theory About PM Modi’s Beard And Hair Growth


The seer of the famous Pejawara Matha (monastery) of Udupi, Vishwaprasanna Teertha, has said that the reason why the prime minister’s beard and hair grow is a ‘Sankalpa’ or a pious vow to complete the construction of Ram mandir.

Swami Vishwaprasana Teerthan, who is one of 15 people on board the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra, was speaking to the media in Bagalkote, in northern Karnataka.

Responding to questions about the temple trust, the seer said: “In addition to doing Shilanyas for the construction of the temple, Prime Minister Modi has taken full responsibility for ensuring its execution. Naturally, custom dictates that one should not cut one’s hair when performing Sankalpa and that (perhaps) is the reason for his (long) hair. “

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Swami Vishwaprasanna Teertha said that the entire temple construction project and development of the site may take around three and a half years, and said that the current estimate of the total cost is around 1.5 billion rupees. “This includes around Rs 500 million for the temple itself and the remainder to develop the surrounding area,” he added.

The Pejawar Matha is among the Ashta Mathas (eight monasteries) established by Saint Madvachaarya. He is highly esteemed especially by the Sangh Parivar leaders. The former Prime Minister of Madhya Pradesh and BJP leader Uma Bharati even used to regard Swami Vishwaprasanna’s predecessor, Swami Vishvesha Theertha, as his spiritual guru and father figure who gave him ‘Sanyasa Deeksha’ (initiation into monasticism).

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