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PM Batts Again for Aatmanirbhar Campaign in His ‘Mann ki Baat’ Speech | India News


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Modi, in his “Mann ki Baat” speech on Sunday, sharpened the tone of the self-sufficient India campaign by asking people to keep an ABC or Aatmanirbhar Bharat chart to track how many ‘Made in India’ products they use.
In his last radio broadcast of the year, he said that people have supported the ‘vocal for local’ campaign and called on manufacturers and industry leaders to ensure world-class products are manufactured in the country.
He said that many traders have been selling products like toys with the emphasis that they are made in India and are also demanded by customers. He had urged people to buy toys made in India in a previous episode of Mann ki Baat this year. Referring to a letter written to him by one Abhinav Banerjee from Delhi, the Prime Minister said: “Abhinav ji mentioned in his letter that many merchants are selling toys to customers emphasizing quality, saying that these are better toys as they are made. in India … this is a great transformation in mindset. ”
Citing another letter written by Venkat Murli Prasad from Visakhapatnam, Modi said: “Venkat ji has written that he is enclosing his ABC for 2021. I could not understand what he meant by ABC. I took a look at the chart and realized what he meant by ABC … Aatmanirbhar Bharat Chart. This is very interesting.”
Modi said: “I urge the manufacturers and industry leaders of the country… The people of the country have taken a firm step… taking a bold step forward… the voice of the local is resounding in each and every home…. In such a scenario, it is time to ensure that our products meet world standards. “Referring to the geographic indicator label awarded to Kashmir saffron in May this year, the prime minister said it will make it a popular brand at the global level. world.

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