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Nadda publishes Rahul’s old speech to attack him | India News

NEW DELHI: BJP President JP Nadda shared an old video of Rahul Gandhi’s speech at Lok Sabha on Sunday in which he appears to be advocating for the need for farmers to get rid of middlemen and sell their produce directly to industry , as he accused the leader of Congress. from playing politics over ongoing farmers’ protest
“What is this magic that is happening Rahul ji? You now oppose what you had defended before. It has nothing to do with the interests of the country or the farmers. You just have to play politics. But this is your too bad his hypocrisy does not The people of the country and farmers have recognized his double standards, “Nadda tweeted in Hindi along with the video clip.

Congress has backed farmers’ protest against three agricultural marketing laws that give farmers the option to sell their produce directly to private actors.
Agitated farmers have argued that these laws are aimed at weakening existing government support for the agricultural sector, a charge the Center denies.
In his speech, apparently delivered at the last Lok Sabha when he was a deputy for Amethi, Gandhi is heard saying that a farmer during his trip to Uttar Pradesh asked him to explain the “magic” behind a packet of potato chips that cost 10 rupees. while farmers sell potatoes at 2 rupees per kg.
When asked what they thought was the reason for this, the farmer said that the factories are located far away from them and if they could sell their products directly there they would get all the money without the middlemen making any cuts, Gandhi is heard saying in the short video posted by Nadda.
That was the idea behind a food park, and this is, in a way, what farmers and workers in Amethi and 10-12 Uttar Pradesh districts have been fighting for, he says in the video.
Gandhi had accused the Modi government during his first term of shelving the food park project in Amethi.
The government denied the charge and said the park never had land.

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