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JK: Amar Singh College conservation project recognized with UNESCO prize


The Srinagar-based Amar Singh College building, built nearly 80 years ago, is one of seven conservation projects to be recognized with the 2020 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Prizes for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage.

The award was announced by nine international conservation experts. The deliberations were held online due to the Covid-19 pandemic by the Jammu and Kashmir chapter of INTACH.

The INTACH chapter in the Union Territory had carried out the conservation work at Amar Singh College and the restoration of Amar Singh College returned one of Kashmir’s most prominent institutional buildings to its former glory.

The project team’s meticulous attention to the building’s original design and materials involved training the next generation of brick and stone masonry construction craftsmen.

The project serves as a noteworthy model to safeguard a unique architectural asset from the 20th century.

With the announcement of this award, the teachers, staff and students of this university are proud as now people and tourists will also like to visit this university to see this heritage building and this building is now included in the Oldest heritage building in the Kashmir Valley.

Bashir Ahmad Rather, Principal of Amar Singh College, Srinagar said: “If a heritage or cultural building has been properly preserved, then it can be recognized by UNESCO. The building was renovated last year using the original material with which it was built ”.

Professor Tariq Ashai told ANI that the environment and construction of the university building have been recognized by UNESCO.

“It was only made possible by the students and faculty of the university. Now we have a responsibility to preserve the infrastructure and beauty of this building, “he added.

Amar Singh College students also praised the administration for preserving the building to date. They are happy to be a part of the educational institute.

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