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It also took years to see positive results from the 1991 economic reforms, says Rajnath Singh, urging farmers to wait 2 years


Reiterating the Modi government’s commitment to protect the minimum support price so that farmers’ interests are not harmed at any cost, Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said Sunday that something is needed to see the impact of agricultural reforms. “I call on farmers to see changes in the next year and a half. Otherwise, we can improve them through conversations, ”Rajnath Singh said while addressing the people of Himachal Pradesh through a video conference on the end of three years of the BJP rule led by Jai Ram Thakur.

“Whether the 1991 economic reforms introduced by the Narasimha Rao government or others enacted during the Vajpayee government, it took four or five years to see their positive results. If we cannot wait four or five years, we can wait at least two years to witness the positive results of the agricultural reforms carried out by the Narendra Modi government, ”Singh said.

Also on a previous occasion, Rajnath Singh, when addressing farmers in Delhi, asked them to let the laws be implemented and wait and see what happens. “Farmers’ income will double with the enactment of agricultural laws,” Rajnath said.

Criticizing the opposition for misleading farmers, Singh said: “It is unfortunate that those who do not even know agriculture, mislead innocent farmers. This government never intended to stop the MSP, nor will it in the future. Mandis will also be kept. No ‘Mai Ka Lal’ can take land away from farmers. “

The farmers unions protesting on Saturday decided to resume their dialogue with the Center and proposed December 29 for the next round of talks to end the stalemate on the three newly enacted farm laws, but made clear that the modalities for their repeal and guarantee for the MSP should be part of the agenda. The Ministry of Agriculture in its last letter to the unions stated that since the MSP does not fall within the scope of the three laws that are being discussed, it was not logical to include it on the agenda.

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