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I have no intention of becoming president of the UPA: Sharad Pawar | India News

NEW DELHI: National Congress Party Chairman Sharad Pawar said Sunday that he has no interest in becoming chairman of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA).
Pawar’s comment to a private news channel came a day after Shiv Sena in his spokesperson, Saamna, praised Pawar as he spoke of the leadership “crisis” within the UPA.
Speculations of Pawar presiding over the UPA were also ignored by the leader of Congress, P Chidambaram. He said the post is not that of a prime minister, noting that even Pawar will not want to be declared president of the alliance, as there is no such thing.
“I do not think that even Mr. Sharad Pawar wants to be declared president of the UPA … When these parties meet, the natural person extending the invitation and the natural person presiding over the meeting will be the leader of the largest party, not we are selecting a prime minister, “Chidambaram told ANI in an exclusive interaction.
On Saturday, an editorial in Saamna claimed about the need for a united opposition to challenge the BJP. He suggested that all non-BJP parties should unite under the banner of the UPA.
Speaking about the leadership of the UPA, the editorial hailed Pawar as an “independent and powerful” personality. However, the editorial did not directly appoint the head of the PNC to the position of president of the UPA.
Currently, the leader of the Congress Sonia Gandhi is the president of the UPA.

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