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‘Agricultural reforms were introduced during the Narasimha Rao regime, they are irreversible’: Venkaiah Naidu


Claiming that the reforms in various sectors initiated by former Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao were irreversible, Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu said on Sunday that the reform process was being implemented more vigorously by the current government of Narendra Modi.

“The bold economic reforms launched by Rao had accelerated the country’s development on several fronts. It was during his rule that reforms were introduced in the agricultural sector and restrictions on the transportation of food grains were removed, ”Naidu said while publishing a book“ Viplava Tapasvi ”, written in Telugu by lead journalist A Krishna Rao. The book highlights the different facets of the former prime minister.

Naidu recalled that the reform process was subsequently carried out by the Vajpayee government and is now being implemented more vigorously by the current Modi government. “He had eliminated the raj license, undertook banking reforms, privatization of electricity, modernization of telecommunications and measures to boost exports and attract foreign investment. It made it easier for India to join the World Trade Organization, ”he said.

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Naidu said that Rao had a firm belief that the government should not do business, but rather focus on the well-being and development of the nation. “The objective of the economic reforms was to involve the private sector in the development process. It liberalized the economy and involved the private sector in key areas, “he said.

The vice president recalled that when Narasimha Rao took office as prime minister, the country was going through a serious economic crisis and political uncertainty. “He exceeded the expectations of many political experts and effectively led the country through many challenges during his tenure,” he said.

Describing the former prime minister as a multifaceted personality, he said that Rao was a great scholar, man of letters and multilingual.

“Unfortunately, he did not get due recognition in his party and also as a manager,” Naidu said.

The Chairman of the PV Narasimha Rao Centennial Celebration Committee and Deputy K Keshava Rao from Rajya Sabha and editor Raghavendra Rao attended the performance.

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