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After Bodoland Territorial Council poll, BJP will get majority in Assam polls, says Amit Shah


Union Interior Minister Amit Shah on Saturday recognized the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for unifying the people of Assam with the rest of the country.

Addressing a public rally in Assam’s Kamrup district, Shah said the state has embarked on a journey of peace and development under Prime Minister Sarbananda Sonowal and the state’s finance minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma.

“Assam was previously known for its unrest and violence, but Sonowal and Sarma have unified the people of the state and the region with the rest of the country by defending and promoting heritage and traditions,” he said.

Shah said the BJP-led central government has prioritized Assam and the Northeast for the past six years and ensured that the benefits of each scheme reach the people in the state.

“In Assam, there was a period of movements. Many agitations were launched on different issues in which hundreds of young people died. The peace of Assam was disturbed and development stopped, ”he said.

“There was a time when separatists used to hand over weapons to the youth in these states. Almost all armed groups have joined the mainstream and startups launched by young people compete with other startups globally. Wich is the way to go? Development is the only way to go. Development is happening and will continue to happen, but an ideological change is also needed and that cannot happen only through development, ”he said.

Referring to the Bodo agreement signed earlier this year, he said that the Modi government has started the peacemaking process in Assam. “The Bodoland Accord was the biggest success,” he said.

“The young men from Bodo who had taken up arms have now joined the mainstream … I am very proud to say that in recent polls in Bodoland, eighty percent of the polls were conducted without bloodshed “, said.

The BJP leader also expressed confidence that the party will form a government in Assam with a full majority in the 2021 assembly elections.

“The Bodoland poll, won by the NDA, was only a semi-final. The final will be the election of Assam. Also in this poll, BJP will have the total majority, ”said Shah.

The BJP extended its support to the United People’s Liberal Party (UPPL) and the Gana Suraksha Party (GSP) to reclaim the Bodoland Territorial Council, after it won nine seats in local elections. The UPPL won 12 seats in the elections held in early December.

The Union minister said that the northeast has become the country’s growth engine under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“Modiji visited the northeast region thirty times in six years. Every time he visited the region, he would bring gifts, ”Shah said.

He launched an attack on the former congressional-led government for not working for the development of Assam.

Invoking the 16th century saint Acharya Sankardev, Shah said: “Congress did nothing for the birthplace of Acharya Sankardev, whose contributions recognized the history, dramatic writing, arts and poetry of Assam.”

“But BJP believes in strengthening the language, culture and arts of the states. BJP believes that India cannot achieve greatness until the culture and language of the states are strengthened. The culture and arts of India are incomplete without the culture and arts of Assam, ”he said.

During his visit, Shah is expected to meet with newly elected members of the BJP central committee, the governing coalition of the Bodoland Territorial Council, the 23-member delegation from the People’s United Liberal Party, the PTI news agency reported.

On Saturday, Shah laid the cornerstones of a Rs 186 million beautification program of Vaishnav Saint Srimanta Sankardeva at Batadrava, a medical college and hospital to be established in the capital city, at an estimated cost of Rs 860 million, and 11 law schools. across the state.

Shah’s visit also witnessed political developments in the state with lawmakers from other parties vying to join the BJP. During his stay he met with the MLA Rajdeep Goala Congress and the Gana Shakti MLA Bhubon Pegu Party.

Former Golaghat Congressional MLA and Cabinet Minister Ajanta Neog, who was expelled from the party on Friday, also met Shah at the PWD guesthouse in Amingaon, where he will spend the night.

Neog had submitted her resignation from the congressional primaries and also as a Golaghat legislator on Friday. All three leaders: Neog, Goala and Pegu are expected to join the BJP.

“BJP doesn’t have its own strength, that’s why they need those of other parties. They (the BJP) are taking people from other parties threatening action by agencies such as the Directorate of Enforcement, CBI and Income Tax, ”Assam’s Congress President Ripun Bora told reporters on Saturday.

“Rajdeep Goala and Ajanta Neog are not related to our party because they have already been expelled from Congress. As they are no longer associated with us, there is nothing to say about what they are doing, ”he added.

Shah is scheduled to offer prayers at the Kamakhya temple in Guwahati on December 27. From Guwahati, the Interior Minister will visit Manipur to launch various plans before leaving for New Delhi.

He also urged farmers who are mobilizing against the new agricultural laws to solve their problems through discussions.

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