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‘Wake up’: Digvijaya Singh calls on members of Congress to join the farmers’ uproar


Congressional leader Digvijaya Singh on Saturday called on his party members to wake up and join the farmers’ protests to speak out against the new agricultural laws introduced by the Center. “Farmers in Haryana, Punjab, UP and Rajasthan are protesting against the agricultural laws because Prime Minister Modi is doing them an injustice. The farmers of Madhya Pradesh are innocent, but even the congressmen sleep. Wake up, join the commotion and raise your voices against these laws, ”the ANI quoted the former Prime Minister of Madhya Pradesh.

Singh’s comments about farmers came after Madhya Pradesh Prime Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said there was no confusion in the state regarding farm laws, adding that farmers support Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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“The three agricultural laws of the Center have been implemented in Madhya Pradesh and there is no confusion about it. In the 313 blocks of the state, we will organize trainings on these laws, so that our farmers can better understand them and learn how to benefit from them, ”said the prime minister earlier in the day.

Singh’s comments also came after Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said the government will have to listen to farmers protesting against the new farm laws. “Mitti ka kann kann goonj raha hai, sarkar ko sunna enferga (Even the dust particles are talking, the government will have to listen (to farmers),” Gandhi said while posting a video of farmers protesting.

On Friday, Prime Minister Modi blamed opposition parties for misleading farmers during his rapprochement with farmers. Farmers from various states have been protesting on the Delhi borders for more than a month against the three agricultural laws introduced by the Center and passed by Parliament in September.

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