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The center does not cooperate, indulges in propaganda for political gain: Mamata Banerjee – kolkata


West Bengal Prime Minister and Supreme Trinamool Congress (TMC) Mamata Banerjee on Saturday criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi for misleading farmers with “ half truths and distorted facts ” rather than proactively addressing their problems. He also blamed the Center for a lack of cooperation and “indulging in propaganda for petty political gains.”

“Our farmer brothers and sisters have been on the streets protesting the new farm laws. Instead of addressing them, PM today decided to mislead people with half-truths and distorted facts. The BJP-led Center is not cooperating and only indulges in propaganda for negligible political gain, ”he tweeted, along with a letter refuting the Center’s allegation of the Bengal government’s lack of cooperation in implementing the Prime Minister Kisan Yojana.

Banerjee said the three controversial farm laws would dilute the MSP and state procurement systems, leaving farmers at the mercy of private buyers. She criticized the prime minister for “showing his apparent concern” through a televised event rather than working proactively to solve her problems.

Mamata said that he had written two letters on the subject to Prime Minister Kisan Yojana and spoke with the minister in question, but that it was they who did not cooperate.

Banerjee reminded the Center of their outstanding dues of Rs 85,000 crore to the state, which included Rs 8,000 crore of unpaid GST dues, saying that they must release a portion of these funds if they really care about West Bengal.

The chief minister said her government was willing to do anything for the benefit of the people, even if it meant supporting the Center’s politically driven schemes, which were formulated outside the political agenda and had no interest in helping the people. people.

Banerjee said that their ideologies were consistent with the vision of the founding fathers of the country, that they had served the people of West Bengal with the right intention and that the people would give an appropriate response to those who tried to defame them or their state.

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