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Stay in touch with the opposition in Bihar, adhir warns Nitish after the Arunachal events | India News

CALCUTTA: The leader of the Congress party in the Lok Sabha Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury on Saturday warned the Prime Minister of Bihar and the President of Janata Dal (United), Nitish Kumar, of the “poaching skill” of the BJP and asked him to stay in contact with opposition parties in the state as an “antidote to resisting Arunachal syndrome.”
In Arunachal Pradesh, Kumar’s party had won seven seats in last year’s assembly elections and became the main opposition group, while the BJP, his coalition partner in Bihar, had come to power. Six of those seven JD (U) MLA joined the saffron party on Friday.
In a tweet, Chowdhury said: “Dear @NitishKumar Ji, Watch out for #BJP, they are adept and highly skilled in poaching operations like the notorious Northeast region wild animal poachers.”

Chowdhury, also president of the West Bengal Congress, advised Kumar to stay in touch with the opposition, hinting that he too could face the same situation in Bihar.
“Before being ripped apart and withered by the same machinations you are now experiencing in #Arunachal Pradesh, @NitishKumar Ji, explore new ideas that may include staying in touch with the opposition in Bihar as an antidote to resisting #Arunachal Syndrome,” he tweeted Chowdhury.
Kumar heads an NDA government in Bihar, where the number of JD (U) MLAs is much lower than that of the BJP.
The Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), the main opposition party in Bihar, has hinted at the possibility of a new alignment in the state if Kumar chooses to sever ties with the BJP following the “humiliation” in Arunachal Pradesh.
Chowdhury alleged that the Saffron party believes in “exclusive political Atma Nirvar”, building only the BJP and destroying all non-BJP parties.
“Under the sun, the thirst for widespread aggression from the BJP party cannot be quenched,” he said.
The JD (U) had won seven of the 15 seats it contested in the 2019 assembly elections and emerged as the second largest party after the BJP, which had won 41 seats.
Following the change, the BJP now has 48 MLAs in the 60-member House, while the JD (U) is left with just one. Congress and the National People’s Party (PNP) have four members each.

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