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Like Amethi, Rae Bareli will also say goodbye to Gandhis: Smriti Irani | India News


AMETHI: Union Minister Smriti Irani on Saturday accused former Amethi deputy and Congress President Rahul Gandhi of using foul language against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and resorting to lies to sow confusion in the country .
At this rate, Congress will also end up losing Rae Bareli’s seat in Lok Sabha, represented by Congress President Sonia Gandhi, in the 2024 elections, said Irani, who snatched Amethi Lok Sabha’s seat from Rahul Gandhi in the elections. 2019 generals.
“Rahul Gandhi uses foul language against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and indulges in lies to create confusion in the country,” Irani said on the second day of his visit to his parliamentary constituency.
Irani, who arrived in Amethi on Friday on a three-day visit, made the comment while addressing people after laying the foundations for various development projects and inaugurating different welfare plans in his constituency.
The Union Minister alleged that the Gandhi family and Rahul Gandhi have knowingly thrown farmers and the poor into poverty to carry out their policy without any hindrance.
And for this, Amethi has already said goodbye to Rahul Gandhi and Rae Bareli would also do the same with the Gandhi family in 2024, he said, stating that his party will also win Rae Bareli’s seat in the next Lok Sabha elections.
Irani said that it was not easy for a woman belonging to a common family to fight the Gandhi family.
“I have faced many humiliations, but it is the love of the people here that I am here as your MP,” she said.
“How can someone who has never seen poverty know the pain of the poor?” he asked, claiming that Rahul Gandhi seized the farmers’ lands and took away their rights.
“How can those who live in golden palaces know the plight of farmers?” she asked.
Uttar Pradesh Chief Deputy Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya, who was also present with Irani, also accused Congress of neglecting the development of Amethi.
He also accused the West Bengal government of depriving farmers of the benefits of the central scheme in the state.

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