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‘It’s time to strengthen the UPA’: Sanjay Raut de Sena hits BJP


Maharashtra’s ruling Shiv Sena has urged opposition parties to unite to confront the “autocratic” government led by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the Center.

“The unity of the opposition is the need of the moment,” Sena legislator Sanjay Raut said. He said the Center was taking lightly the agitation of farmers on the Delhi borders against three farm laws enacted to liberalize the agricultural sector in September.

“… The situation on the borders of Delhi is very serious and during the last month there has been no attempt to solve the problem of farmers. The government does not take them seriously and many scoff at the unrest. Therefore, the opposition parties must unite and speak out against this autocratic government, ”Raut said. “There is currently a UPA [United Progressive Alliance] led by Sonia Gandhi and it is time to strengthen it ”.

Raut said that more parties must join the alliance and that their leaders should speak out against the Center.

“Besides Sonia Gandhi, there is also the leadership of Sharad Pawar and they can provide an effective alternative.”

Raut accused the Center of targeting state governments that do not belong to the BJP and not allowing them to function. “In Maharashtra, they are working to ensure that the Metro project does not take off.”

BJP leader Ram Kadam said that instead of blaming the Center, the Maharashtra government should introspect its performance in the past year. “There was no development work and all it did was blame the central government for its failure.”

Hindustan Times