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India’s Number of Active Covid-19 Cases Decline Due to Increased Recoveries, Fewer Daily Cases: Government | India News


NEW DELHI: The exponential increase in Covid-19 recoveries coupled with fewer daily infections has resulted in a steady decline in the number of active cases from India, which currently stands at 2.81,667, the country’s Health Ministry said on Saturday. Union.
Active cases comprise 2.77 percent of the country’s total infections, he said.
The total number of recovered cases from India is approaching 97.5 lakh (97.40.108) and cumulative recoveries from Covid-19 are the highest in the world, the ministry said.
The recovery rate has exceeded 90 percent in all states and territories in the union, he added.
Since the last 29 days, the daily recoveries recorded in the country have been more than the daily cases. A total of 22,274 people recovered and were discharged the day before, the ministry said.
He said that it was observed that 73.56 percent of the new recovered cases are concentrated in 10 states and UT.
Among them, Kerala recorded the highest number of recoveries in a single day with 4,506, followed by 1,954 in West Bengal and 1,427 in Maharashtra.
Kerala also reported the highest number of new cases with 5,397, followed by 3,431 in Maharashtra and 1,541 in West Bengal.
The day before, up to 251 cases of death were reported in the country, the ministry said.
Ten states and UT account for 85.26 percent of the new deaths.
Of these, Maharashtra recorded the highest number of deaths with 71, followed by 31 in West Bengal and 30 in Delhi.

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