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Encounter between Uttarakhand STF and wanted criminal in Bijnore de UP, combing operation in


On Saturday night an encounter broke out between the Uttarakhand Police Special Task Force (STF) and a wanted criminal in the Chandpur Bijnore area of ​​Uttar Pradesh. The STF team had gone there to carry out a raid to catch Kuldeep, alias KD, to whom the Uttarakhand police announced a reward of Rs 20,000.

According to the statement issued by the Uttarakhand police, the STF team, together with the Nagar police from the USA, had gone there with a notice to catch Kuldeep alias KD, against whom there are charges of three murders and extortion in Nagar District USA Kuldeep has absconded after skipping parole.

According to the notice, Kuldeep and members of his gang were traveling to US Nagar in a white car.

When the STF team chased the car, there were shots from the gang members from the car, responding to which the STF team also fired many rounds.

After the encounter, Kuldeep and his gang members escaped to the nearby sugar cane fields taking advantage of the darkness. Kuldeep likely was hit by a bullet as there was blood on the car seats they left behind.

The STF team has informed the local Bijnore police and started combing the sugarcane fields to catch Kuldeep and his accomplices.

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