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14 people who returned from the UK to Karnataka tested positive for Covid-19; samples sent for genetic sequencing | India News


BENGALURU: Karnataka Health Minister K Sudhakar said on Saturday that 14 people who have come to the state from the UK so far have conducted tests positive for Covid-19 and their samples have been sent for genetic sequencing to find out if it is a new strain of virus that has infected them.
“A total of 2,500 people (from the UK) have come, of whom 1,638 have been tested. According to the information I received last night, 14 of them tested positive. All 14 (samples) were sent to NIMHANS for (genetic sequencing), ” he said.
Speaking to reporters here, he said, the central government has notified ten designated laboratories in the country for genetic sequencing, of which two are in Bengaluru: NIMHANS and the National Center for Biological Sciences (NCBS).
“All 14 samples are undergoing genetic analysis. The second variant of the virus in the UK is said to have suffered 17 mutations, genetic sequencing will test the mutations in detail, which may take 48 hours, probably (the report) will come tomorrow”. ” he said.
A total of 2,500 people have arrived in the state from the UK from November 25 to December 22 on two operating flights – Air India and British Airways – and efforts were made to track, monitor their health and test them. .
However, the minister said that the information on the reports of the genetic sequencing tests as per the message from the Prime Minister’s Office will be sent to the Indian Council of Medical Research, which will likely share the information with the public in a day or two.
“… a total of 38,500 passengers have arrived in the country from the UK since November 22nd and after collecting information on samples, positives and final report after genetic sequencing of all states, ICMR either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow he will share the information with the media, “he added.

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