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Why the BJP is confident of winning the Assam assembly elections next year | India News


NEW DELHI: There are about six months until the assembly elections in Assam, but the ruling BJP is optimistic about the results. He claims to retain power in the northeastern state.
Until less than a year ago, this confidence could have been instantly shot down as an overstatement. However, situations have changed on several fronts during this period.
It has been partially reflected in the recent elections to the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) and the Tiwa Autonomous Council (TAC).
In the recent BTC elections, the BJP won nine seats and aligned itself with the United Liberal Party (UPPL) to come to power. In the 2015 BTC elections, the BJP had won a single seat and was in power in coalition with its alliance partner in state government, the Bodo Popular Front (BPF). However, he did not side with BPF to come to power on the Bodoland Territorial Council.
In the TAC elections, the BJP won an overwhelming 33 seats and came to power. In the 2015 elections, he won only three seats.
This has rekindled hope for the BJP regarding the assembly elections.
Speaking to timesofindia.com, BJP national spokesperson Nalin Kohli, who is in charge of Nagaland, said: “The BJP is confident of winning the next assembly elections in Assam given Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s positive developmental message. government and the state government that is working on the agenda. In the recent BTC and TAC elections, the BJP increased the seats from one to nine and from three to 33 respectively. He is now in government with other coalition partners. This is an indication in that direction. ”
The BJP has covered a lot of ground in the last year after major protests broke out against the Modi government’s citizenship amendment bill that was passed by Parliament last year. Various political parties and influential people began to oppose the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) since December last year.
However, the BJP deftly handled the protests. He seems to have managed to assure people that his identity would not be diluted.
Several of the protesters even joined the BJP. These protests also gave rise to small parties that would eventually eat up anti-BJP votes and damage the main opposition party: Congress. On the other hand, the BJP and the Lok Sabha MP Badruddin Ajmal, led by the All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF), are likely to consolidate their voters.
In yet another advantage for the BJP, the opposition is weak and divided.
Congress does not match the resources of the BJP. He also has no face now, especially after the death of former prime minister Tarun Gogoi.
The party is in no condition to take on the BJP giant. It needs to unite the other opposition parties and present a united force against the BJP. However, it has not aligned itself with them. A lineup with AIDUF can give you a head start on Barack Valley in Upper Assam, which has 23 of the 126 total assembly seats.
A great alliance will be a major factor in consolidating the anti-BJP votes. Until that happens, it’s BJP advantage. The main opposition Congress has not been able to form a grand alliance so far. This is one of the main reasons for the BJP’s optimism about the upcoming assembly elections.

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