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They also take your land? PM Modi asks the farmer from Arunachal; Take flame to end the turmoil


As Prime Minister Narendra Modi was interacting with farmers from six states on Friday, he asked a farmer from Arunachal Pradesh who has been doing contract farming if the company he signed a contract with also takes away his land or if the contract is just for the Produce.

The farmer who grows organic ginger said the contract is only for the product, not for the land. “Look, you are in Arunachal Pradesh but you are still aware that your land will not be taken from you. But there are some farmers here who have been tricked into thinking otherwise, “Prime Minister Modi said in an evening reference to the farmers’ ongoing protest against the three farm laws.

The government, in its attempts to allay fears about contract farming, has been reiterating that contract farming will benefit farmers as it is not an obligation for farmers and they are free to terminate the contract. However, apprehension over contract farming persists as reports have emerged that a Delhi-based company refused to buy crops from Madhya Pradesh farmers even after a deal.

Prime Minister Modi’s interaction with farmers amid the ongoing standoff with farmers over the release of Rs 18 billion under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme is significant as the message is clear: the government will not repeal the laws, MSP will continue, protesting farmers have been misled by opposition parties. While Prime Minister Modi was addressing farmers via video conference, Union ministers Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh were addressing farmers in Delhi.

Opening the main event, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said that some Punjab farmers are protesting against the laws. Urging them to withdraw their protest, the minister said: “I hope you understand the importance of the new agricultural laws, and the problem will be solved soon.”

Hindustan Times