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Polls 6 homes for children created by MP Ajmal, one of them ‘linked to Qaida’: NCPCR | India News


NEW DELHI: The National Commission for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (NCPCR) found that six child care institutions in Assam and Manipur, under the auspices of “Markazul Maarif”, had misappropriated funds, of which one house received funds from an international NGO allegedly linked to al-Qaida.
The highest body for children’s rights also pointed to a discrepancy in the number of children. “The information made available to the inspection team on the number of children residing in these homes was 778, however, according to the information provided by Deputy Maulana Badruddin Ajmal (who has established these homes in Darul Yatama) in his biography On the Lok Sabha website, these houses house 1,010 children. Markazul Maarif’s website also claims that it houses 1,080 children, ”he said in a report after the inspection.
“It is important to investigate this discrepancy and find out the status of these 300-odd children,” said NCPCR. A response from Maulana Badrudin Ajmal was expected until press time.
The commission has strongly recommended the presentation of all children currently housed in the six homes to the Child Welfare Committee and the transfer of these children from those homes to an institution suitable for them.
The inspections were led by the NCPCR following a complaint about irregularities in the operation of these houses located in Dhubri, Goalpara and Nagaon in Assam and one in Thoubal in Manipur.
The NCPCR report claims that during a home inspection in Dhubri, the team had been briefed on funds received from the Turkey-based international NGO, IHH, which had been questioned by Turkish law enforcement for its alleged links to al-Qaida. .
“It is pertinent to verify the number of children whose data should have been sent to IHH and also to verify the status of those children who are being sponsored by IHH and whose details have been sent to IHH to ensure their well-being. being and security ”, states the report.
NCPCR said that “the safety and security of the children living in these homes is seriously compromised.”
In addition to calling for an investigation into multiple sources of funding and use of funds, the Commission also asked the Assam and Manipur police to investigate allegations of corporal punishment and mental cruelty that arose during inspections and FIR searches against those responsible.

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