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‘Only Bengal Farmers Deprived of Central Benefits’: Prime Minister Modi’s Heavy Attack on Mamata Banerjee


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday launched a strong attack on the Trinamool Congressional government led by Mamata Banerjee in West Bengal, saying the state was deprived of the benefits of the Center’s schemes because its leaders were busy promoting their own. political ideology on behalf of farmers. protest.

“Today more than Rs 18 billion have been directly deposited into farmers’ accounts; without intermediaries, without commissions. But the 70 lakh farmers of West Bengal have been deprived of the benefits of the Center’s plans. Bengal is the only state that does not allow the benefits of the schemes to reach the farmers, ”said PM after publishing the next installment of PM-Kisan, the direct cash transfer scheme for farmers.

Those who have ruled West Bengal for more than three decades have destroyed the state, the prime minister further said, asking why the Opposition raises no objections when the same people who oppose the central schemes in Bengal go to Punjab and change color. .

“The ideology of Mamata Banerjee has destroyed Bengal. Your actions against farmers have hurt me a lot. Why is the Opposition silent on this? he said.

“Many farmers in Bengal have written to the Center seeking benefits that have not reached them due to their state leaders, but to no avail. The state government does not give importance to their appeals. I am amazed and in pain, ”said the prime minister.

PM’s latest rapprochement comes amid ongoing farmer protests against the three laws passed by Parliament in September to reform the agricultural sector.

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