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Ladakh Tso Kar Wetland Complex Added to Ramsar Site List | India News


NEW DELHI: India has added one more wetland, the Tso Kar Wetland Complex in Ladakh, to its list of Ramsar sites under an international convention, aimed at preserving the ecological character of selected wetlands around the world. The Tso Kar wetland is the 42nd Ramsar site in India and the second in the TU Ladakh.
The objective of the Ramsar list is “to develop and maintain an international network of wetlands that are important for the conservation of global biological diversity and for sustaining human life by maintaining the components, processes and benefits of their ecosystems”.
Wetlands play a key role in the hydrological cycle and flood control, and help provide fresh water, food, fiber, and raw materials.
“The Tso Kar basin is a high-altitude wetland complex, consisting of two main bodies of water, Startsapuk Tso, a freshwater lake of some 438 hectares to the south, and Tso Kar itself, a hypersaline lake of 1,800 hectares to the north, located in the Changthang region of Ladakh. It is called Tso Kar, which means white lake, due to the efflorescence of white salt found on the margins due to evaporation of highly saline water, “said a statement from Ministry of the Environment.

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