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India registers 23,067 new Covid-19 infections in 24 hours, 6.6% less than yesterday


India reported 23,067 new Covid-19 infections on Friday, bringing the total count to 10,146,845. During the last 12 days, India has registered less than 30,000 new cases daily. On Thursday, India reported 24,712 new infections. On Thursday, 24,661 people were discharged, according to data published by the Union Ministry of Health. A total of 336 people died from Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number to 1.47,091.

Kerala reported 5,177 new infections on Thursday, pushing the number of infection cases past the 7.26 lakh mark in the state. Maharashtra reported 3,580 new Covid-19 cases on Thursday, bringing the total count to 19.09.951.

The new strain of Covid-19 detected in the UK has become a concern for states. Up to 1,206 passengers landed at Mumbai International Airport from Europe and the Middle East on Thursday, and 788 of them were quarantined in the city.

The Ghaziabad administration has established a dedicated wing within the integrated Covid-19 control room to treat people who have returned from the UK and Europe.

At least 12 passengers returning from the UK tested positive in Goa and Maharashtra, authorities said. In Meghalaya, UK people have been banned from the state. The state government has also urged people who have recently returned from Britain or have transited the country to remain isolated and to inform them of their travel history.

Hindustan Times