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Famous Urdu poet Shamsur Rehman Faruqi passes away


The eminent poet, critic and writer Shamsur Rehman Faruqi passed away at his home on Friday morning. He was 85 years old.

He will be buried alongside his late wife Jamila at the Newada Cemetery in Ashok Nagar amid the presence of family and friends at night, said his nephew and writer Mahmood Farooqui.

“He had tested positive for Covid-19, but was discharged on November 23 after the test results were negative. However, he developed complications and a fungal infection, mycosis, which made his condition even worse. He was being treated in a hospital in Delhi. He wanted to come to his beloved city where he spent his whole life. He arrived in his hometown of Prayagraj in an air ambulance on Friday morning and died shortly thereafter at around 11:15 a.m. M. ”Said the nephew.

Faruqi was considered an excellent Urdu critic, poet, writer, and theorist. His works range from literary history and criticism to poetry and fiction. Considered an authority on llm-e bayan (the science of poetic discourse) and classical poetry, he was also a prominent lexicographer.

Faruqi’s book ‘Kai Chaand The Sar-e-Asmaan’, written in 2006, has been hailed as a masterpiece of Urdu fiction. In 2013 an English version of this book ‘Mirror of Beauty’ was published. She has also translated her stories into English, which are included in a book titled ‘The Sun That Rose from the Earth’ in 2014.

He is also credited with spearheading the revival of the Dastangoi, an oral narrative art form in Urdu.

He was awarded the Saraswati Samman in 1996 for his work ‘Sher-e Shor-Angez’, a study of the great 18th century poet Meer Taqi Meer published in four volumes. He was honored with the Padma Shri in 2009.

Faruqi, born on September 30, 1935 in a town in Azamgarh, completed his Master’s degree (English) at Allahabad University in 1955 and began writing in 1960. He also worked for the Indian Postal Service. He was also editor of his literary magazine Shabkhoon and part-time professor at the Center for South Asian Regional Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, USA.

Some of his best known works include Early Urdu Literary History and Culture (2001), The Flower-Lit Road: Essays in Urdu Literary Theory and Criticism (2005), Urdu Ka Arambhik Yug (2007), and The Mirror of Beauty (2013).

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