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AP Woman Tracked, Tested for UK Strain | India News


Health officials on Thursday sent swab samples from the 47-year-old woman, who tested positive for Covid-19 upon her return to India from the UK on December 21, to check whether she was infected with the existing wild strain of the virus. novel coronavirus or its highly mutated new variant found in the UK, Samson Raj reports.
The woman, a native of Rajahmundry, had gone to the UK 45 days ago and landed at Delhi airport, where she was subjected to Covid-19 tests. He reportedly slipped officials at the airport and boarded a train bound for Visakhapatnam without informing the authorities. She also turned off her phone.
After arriving in Rajahmundry in the early hours of Thursday, she was immediately quarantined. The woman is asymptomatic.

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