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Administration and police facilitate the exchange of horses after the results of the DDC survey: Omar


National Conference President Omar Abdullah on Friday accused the police and administration in Jammu and Kashmir of facilitating horse trading and desertions following the announcement of the DDC election results, and alleged that some parties were using money, force and government coercion to offset the numbers.

Omar’s remarks came after the Apni Party of Jammu and Kashmir, led by former finance minister Altaf Bukhari, announced that Yasmeena Jan, a member of Imam Sahib-I’s District Development Council (DDC), in the district from Shopian in South Kashmir, he joined the party here earlier in El dia.

Jan had contested the polls on the mandate of the National Conference (NC).

“This explains why our leaders in the Shopian district are being placed under ‘preventive arrest’ by the police. J&K police and administration are facilitating horse trading and desertions. The woman pictured here joining BJP’s B team ran for and won the election in a North Carolina term, ”Omar said on Twitter.

The North Carolina vice president said it was shameful that the administration was engaging in “partisan politics.”

“It is a shame for this administration to do partisan politics to win the favor of the ruling party and its puppets. These parties failed to win seats so now they are using money / muscle / threats and government coercion to offset the numbers. Too much for “democracy has won”! “He said in another tweet.

The results of the DDC elections were announced on Tuesday.

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