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Woman dodges Delhi officials, arrives in Andhra after test + ve on arrival from UK


A 47-year-old Anglo-Indian woman, who tested positive for Covid-19 after landing in New Delhi from the UK on Monday, slipped authorities to reach Rajahmundry in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh by train. , in the wee hours of Thursday.

According to an official newsletter from the Andhra health department, Mary Winfred Ann Parrie, a teacher at a private school in Rajahmundry, tested positive for Covid-19 at the Delhi airport health center after landing from the UK on Monday morning. night.

Airport authorities handed her over to Safdarjung Hospital for treatment on Tuesday. As she was asymptomatic, she was asked to self-quarantine for seven days. After obtaining his external consultation card, he quietly left the place without informing the authorities, who could not find out his whereabouts.

On Wednesday evening, the East Godavari District Authorities received a communication from Delhi (Northeast) Additional District Magistrate Shubhankar Ghosh, stating that Parrie, along with her 22-year-old son Riyan, who met her at the airport, could be traveling to his hometown Rajahmundry aboard the Andhra Pradesh Express train.

“Since she is Corona positive, there is a fear of transmitting the infection to other people from her. According to the protocol, she has to be isolated in institutional quarantine, ”Ghosh said in the letter, requesting the East Godavari district authorities to admit her to any institutional quarantine facility.

The state health authorities gave the highest alert and informed both the railway police and the local police authorities. “As soon as the train arrived at Rajahmundry station in the early hours of Thursday morning, they managed to locate Parrie and her son getting out of a first class compartment. The authorities forced the duo to wear personal protective equipment and took them directly to the government hospital in Rajahmundry, ”the bulletin read.

In the morning, both Parrie and Riyan were again subjected to different tests for Covid-19. “The mother was positive and Riyan negative in the rapid antigen test. The hospital authorities have also performed RT-PCR and VLM (Viral Lysis Medium) tests on both and the results are awaited, ”said the health department.

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Parrie, a resident of Ramakrishna Nagar in Rajahmundry, has been working as a teacher at a local school. She, along with her husband and daughter, had left for London a few months ago after the lifting of travel restrictions. He returned to India to see his son.

State Health Minister Alla Kali Krishna Srinivas, alias Nani, said the Anglo-Indian woman and her son were in the isolation ward at Rajahmundry Hospital, where all precautions were being taken.

“The test samples are also being sent to the National Institute of Virology to find out if it had been infected with the new strain of Coronavirus,” said the minister.

He said that two separate isolation wards had been created at the hospital for the admission of any recent Covid-19 cases arriving from Europe and for special testing on them. “We will not take chances with the woman who came from the UK. There is nothing for people to panic as the government is on high alert, ”Nani said.

The minister said authorities were asked to track down passengers and railroad crew who may have been in contact with Parrie and her son during their journey from New Delhi to Rajahmundry.

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