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Modi’s statements on farm laws are a parody of the truth, say opposition leaders | India News


NEW DELHI: Eleven opposition parties on Thursday issued a joint statement demanding the repeal of controversial farm laws, saying Prime Minister Narendra Modi should desist from making “baseless accusations” against opposition parties and farmers, and “repeatedly lie “to the latter on the laws that favor their interests.
The statement coincided with Congress leading a protest march to Rashtrapati Bhawan, where Rahul Gandhi, Ghulam Nabi Azad and Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury met with President Ram Nath Kovind and submitted close to 2 million farmers’ signatures demanding the withdrawal of the agricultural laws.
In a statement signed by Rahul Gandhi, Sharad Pawar of the CPN, the leader of DMK TR Baalu, the president of the PAGD, Farooq Abdullah, the leader of the RJD, Tejashwi Yadav, the head of the Samajwadi Party, Akhilesh Yadav, the head of the CPM, Sitaram Yechury, CPI Secretary General D Raja, CPIML Dipankar leader Bhattacharya Forward India Bloc leader Debabrata Biswas and RSP leader Manoj Bhattacharya claimed that Modi’s statements were a “complete parody of the truth”.
“We … register our strong protest against Prime Minister Modi’s unfounded accusations that he accuses opposition parties of ‘repeatedly lying’ to farmers about the new agricultural laws and of ‘using them for their policy.’ The Prime Minister’s accusations are a complete parody of the truth, ”the leaders said in a joint statement.
The group expressed solidarity with protesting farmers and dismissed BJP’s argument that they were backtracking on their previous land reform speech. “Yes, we are in favor of reforms, but what kind of reforms? Opposition parties seek reforms to strengthen Indian agriculture; improve the prosperity of our farmers; and ensure continued food security for our people and the country. Current farm laws undermine these same goals, ”they said.
They also called the government’s claim that it is implementing the Swaminathan Commission report “big lies”. “This government, in the best of cases, implements A2 + 50 percent. In fact, this government told the Supreme Court its inability to implement C2 + 50% MSP. Who spreads falsehoods? “read the joint statement.

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