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How Bihar Plans To Vaccinate People In The State: All You Need To Know


State governments across the country are preparing to inoculate people once vaccines against coronavirus disease (Covid-19) gain proper approval from the regulatory body. With the first priority for health workers, the Bihar government has also drawn up a detailed plan for vaccination throughout the state according to central government guidelines. Under his plan, the government has decided to have preparations similar to the elections.

Following the instructions of the Center, the state government will give priority to health workers. Front-line workers like police, bank workers, etc. They will be the second in line.

This is everything you need to know about the vaccination plan:

– Corona vaccination centers will be established in Bihar as polling stations. The state government aims to vaccinate 100 people per vaccination center.

– The state health department has prepared a list of health workers from all districts. The list includes doctors and workers associated with healthcare, private hospital personnel.

– Next in line for vaccinations will be the front line warriors who are the support staff. These will include policemen, Anganwadi workers, assistants, bank workers, etc.

– Later, people over 60 years of age will be vaccinated. In accordance with government directives, preparations are being made to vaccinate public representatives, workers associated with government departments, outsourced workers, traders and businessmen in the main market.

– Since the vaccines developed so far are a two-dose regimen, the two doses will be administered at an interval of 14 to 28 days, the cycle will be completed only when both doses are completed.

– Until the entire cycle is completed, the person will remain under observation. The state health department is preparing to use a large amount of human resources for this process so that other health services are not affected. It has also sought the support of NGO workers associated with health for the process.

– The district magistrate has been appointed nodal vaccination officer in all districts. The district magistrate will control the vaccination work daily.

– All vaccination centers will be monitored through a district-level immunization committee constituted at their level.

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