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UK Covid positive flyer flees IGI, sets off alarm | India News


VISAKHAPATNAM: An Andhra Pradesh woman, who landed in Delhi from the UK, sounded alarms after she tested positive for Covid-19 and disappeared from the airport without informing anyone.
It is unclear whether the woman tested positive for the old strain or its new variant, but authorities say they cannot afford to take risks.
Originally from Rajahmundry, the woman returned to India on December 21 and soon after gave her swab samples for testing. Before his result could come in, he left the airport and boarded the New Delhi-Visakhapatnam special train. He then turned off his mobile, apparently after learning that the police had contacted members of his family.

AP health officials, who were unable to reach the woman on her mobile phone, filed a complaint with Rajahmundry police on Wednesday after her family told them she had boarded a train.
Officials told TOI that the woman’s behavior was dangerous as she could come into contact with numerous people on the nearly 1,800-kilometer journey, many of whom will be difficult to track.
Police and tax officials jumped into action and contacted the passenger’s family. The family said the woman would arrive in Rajahmundry early Thursday. Railway officials have also been informed.
The train stops at Telangana and Vijayawada. Authorities told TOI that passengers in the compartment the woman is traveling in will be tested for Covid-19. They are likely to be eliminated at Rajahmundry. However, they are silent about the passengers who would get off at Vijayawada and places in Telangana.
East Godavari District Health Services Coordinator Dr. T Ramesh Kishore told TOI that his son went to Delhi to take the woman to Rajahmundry.
“We would ask passengers in the compartment to get off at Rajahmundry for Covid testing. However, if some of them want to disembark in Visakhapatnam, we will ask the officials to make the necessary arrangements, ”he said.

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