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Tamil Nadu Government Allows Jallikattu Amid Covid-19; Negative Certificate Mandatory – India News


The government of Tamil Nadu on Wednesday allowed Jallikattu celebrations in the state amid the coronavirus disease (Covid-19). According to the notice, the event will take place with a 50% audience. While for the participants, the negative certificate for Covid-19 is mandatory.

Jallikattu is a custom that is practiced where cattle are worshiped, during the Pongal festival, mainly in Tamil Nadu. It is a sport where a bull is released among a crowd of people. Participants are supposed to take control of the bull by holding its hump for as long as they can.

The festival is held on Mattu Pongal, the third day of the harvest festival.

The species of bull called Bos indicus, or hunchbacked cattle, is bred specifically for Jallikatu. The bulls that perform well in the event are used for breeding.

Over the years, the festival has faced significant criticism from various animal welfare groups who have described Jallikattu as “barbarian.” But the political parties and the people of the state have insisted that it is part of the tradition and culture of Tamil Nadu.

The move comes before Tamil Nadu goes to the assembly polls in early 2021. Earlier this week, the government banned New Year celebrations on beaches, roads, hotels and resorts to prevent the spread of the new. coronavirus.

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