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Six more returnees from the UK test positive, 50 in quarantine


Six more passengers who returned to India from the UK late Tuesday night tested positive for Covid-19 after more than 500 were tested at Delhi airport on Wednesday. Authorities said 50 of the more than 950 passengers tested at the airport on Tuesday and Wednesday were also quarantined for coming into direct contact with those who tested positive.

On Tuesday, two flights landed at Delhi airport from the UK, one at 11:30 p.m. with 240 passengers and another with 274 at 11:55 p.m. All 514 passengers underwent RT-PCR testing at Delhi airport as ordered by the central government to stop the spread of a new strain of Sars-Cov-2 that emerged in the UK and is believed to be spreading further. Quick.

Since Monday, after India suspended all flights to and from the UK between December 23 and December 31, four flights have landed in Delhi from the UK. While on Tuesday, five passengers tested positive out of the more than 470 who took the test, six more were found to be infected out of the 514 passengers tested Wednesday.

Dr. Gauri Agarwal, Founder and Director of Genestrings Diagnostics who is conducting RT-PCR tests at Delhi Airport, said on Wednesday: “As of Monday night, about 1,000 passengers arriving in Delhi, 11 passengers they were positive. These 11 samples are properly stored in cold storage and sent to the National Center for Disease Control in Delhi for genome sequencing. We do not yet know if any of those found positive are infected with the new UK strain, “said Agarwal.

Airmen complain of mismanagement at IGIA

Several passengers, who arrived from the UK at Delhi airport around midnight on Tuesday, said they had to spend more than 15 hours to get out of the airport.

Kamini Saraswat, 28, an IT professional working in London, said she took off from the plane around 12.15am on Wednesday, but that her RT-PCR test could only be performed after more than nine hours at 9.30am. “Before our immigration clearance, they made us sit in a room and they wrote down our details. For hours, there was no proper communication. The seating arrangement was very poor. We spent 4-5 hours sitting on the floor. After the immigration clearance at 6.30 am, we wait our turn to take the exam. Again we waited at least four hours without tea or soft drinks. After the test that took place at 9:30 am, we were told to wait again for five hours to receive the report, ”Saraswat said.

Many passengers also complained of missing their connecting flights due to “unexpected delay”. Haze Souza, 25, who had to catch a connecting flight to Goa, said he landed in Delhi at 11.55pm on Tuesday, but that his test was conducted only at 10am on Wednesday. “That is 10 hours late. I missed my flight to Goa. At the airport, the management was very bad. There was no communication, lack of basic services such as soft drinks, drinking water and even a place to sit. Many of us sat on the floors near the conveyor belts because the room was full and there was no place to sit, ”said Souza, who was traveling home for Christmas.

Another tweeted: “Where is the social distancing? No one is telling these people to hold. ”Videos of passengers sitting on the floor and near the baggage claim area were also widely shared on social media Wednesday.

When asked about the allegations of poor arrangements, Delhi airport operator DIAL (Delhi International Airport Ltd) did not offer a comment.

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