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Returned from the UK undergo RT-PCR tests, under surveillance | India News


NEW DELHI: Civil defense volunteers are keeping an eye on people who have come from the UK, where a mutated strain of coronavirus is spreading, in the last month and are in home quarantine despite testing negative. Random visits will be made to homes where people are in home quarantine to ensure that people do not violate quarantine guidelines.
Districts are aggressively tracking people they have met in the city upon their return. A separate ward at Lok Nayak Hospital has been allocated for returnees to the UK and three positive cases have been transferred to Lok Nayak Hospital.
A Covid care center in South Delhi has been earmarked for those who wish to stay in the free institutional quarantine facilities of the Delhi government to be kept separate from the rest of the Covid positive people currently in different facilities. government quarantine. A five-star hotel in Aerocity was designated on Tuesday for people seeking paid quarantine facilities.
A health department official said the UK RT-PCR tests returned to people who came in the last month, but the results are still awaited. “All people will be quarantined for 14 days and will be under observation for the next 14 days. All individuals have been identified with local dispensaries and dispensary health personnel are in regular contact with returnees from the UK to monitor their health. No one has reported being sick so far, ”said an official.
All districts have begun conducting house-to-house RT-PCR testing and the results will be released on Thursday. “Their contacts are being traced and all of them will also be contacted,” an official said, adding that those who violate the quarantine rules will face strict actions under the rules. More than 60 people were tested in the Southwest and 50 in the western districts.
Health Minister Satyendar Jain said the government is aware of the seriousness of the new coronavirus strain and is tracking and testing all those who traveled to Delhi from the UK recently and were warned to quarantine.
Jain said that while the strain is contagious, the only way to protect yourself from any infection is to wear a mask and take all proper precautions.

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