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Jammu and Kashmir DDC Election Results: Burden of the Past Weighs on PDP Polling Program | India News


SRINAGAR: Ironically, the most fickle voter in the campaign for the restoration of J & K’s special status has ended up with the least to brag about in terms of seats won by the Popular Alliance for the Gupkar Declaration that had fought in the polls of the DDC in this same table.
Although the former CM Mehbooba Mufti’s PDP count of 27 out of 68 seats is second best after the National Conference’s 67 among the Gupkar alliance constituents, it pales in comparison to what the Sajad Lone People’s Conference achieved. The latter contested only 11 seats and won eight of them.
The skewed seat allocation, with NC grabbing the majority of 169 seats, may have hurt PDP’s performance just as much as cargo in the past.
“Mehbooba who spent 14 months in detention did not seem to count for much in erasing the lingering anti-incumbency effect,” said a PAGD official. “Whether the controversial statements of the ex-CM since its release on October 13, also had any relation to the performance of the PDP poll, is pending scrutiny.”
According to official data, PDP got 55,789 votes in total, compared to 28 lakh for NC. Even Congress, a signatory to the 2019 Gupkar Declaration but not part of the alliance, got more than 13 lakhs of votes.
The electoral brutalization of Mehbooba’s party appears to have as much to do with the departure of veterans as it does with their disgruntled vote bank. Several of the former CM’s top colleagues left the PDP shortly after the BJP withdrew support for its old government in 2018. Their detention for more than a year dealt a further blow to the party organization.
“In Srinagar, where the PPD only won one seat, the PPD possibly discouraged voters who promoted the rural-urban divide when it was in government. The former Mehbooba government preferred to host young people from southern and northern Kashmir in instead of unemployed youth The city of Srinagar, “said Mohammad Ikram from Rainawari town in Srinagar.
At the grassroots, the lack of strong leadership influenced PDP’s survey performance.
In addition to anti-incumbency, Mehbooba’s alliance with BJP in 2015 still seems to keep a chunk of voters away, regardless of his now-relentless denunciation of the NDA and its policies in Kashmir. As a party focused on rural areas, the PDP stronghold remains in trouble in southern Kashmir, where Mehbooba’s statements such as refusing to lift the tricolor until J&K is restored still have a willing audience.
Sources said the most surprising element of PDP’s union with former rival NC was that Mehbooba kept quiet about unequal seating arrangements. Ghulam Nabi Hanjura of Charar-e-Sharief was the only senior PDP official to speak up until the last minute that the party had far fewer seats to compete than NC.
On Wednesday, Mehbooba was defiant, calling the performance of the Gupkar alliance as a whole – 110 seats out of 280 that went to the polls – “the verdict of the people against the annulment of Article 370.”
Refusing to acknowledge PDP’s relative underperformance, he said: “PDP has only won nearly 30 seats. BJP used to say PDP no longer exists. But today’s verdict is a revelation for BJP.”

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