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In this Uttarakhand prison, it’s Jail Premier League cricket


The prison authorities in Haldwani of Uttarakhand are organizing a cricket tournament called the Jail Premier League (JPL), like the highly touted Indian Premier League, within the prison premises.

Cricket inmates are showing off their talents and others are enjoying the event, an official said.

The main superintendent of the jail, Manoj Arya, said: “In order to keep the prisoners in good physical and mental shape, we have organized the JPL in the facilities of our jail. This event not only provides an opportunity to showcase their athletic talents, but also provides recreation for other inmates. ”

Haldwani Prison houses around 1,450 inmates, including 51 women.

The prison administration organizes various kinds of entertainment activities on national holidays and other festivals. JPL is one of them, a jail official said.

Eight teams have been formed and each game lasts 10 overs per side. Two or three games are played per day. The tournament started on December 15 and will end on January 8.

Arya said: “The open space of the jail facility is being used as land and a field and time limit for the game has been demarcated. Inmates who play cricket and are familiar with the rules of cricket have been appointed as umpires. Other prisoners, as spectators, enjoy the event. The sports equipment has been managed through the city’s social organizations ”

“We organize various types of sporting and cultural events for the inmates’ entertainment from time to time. Ramleela was also represented during Navratri. We will organize cultural programs at Christmas and on December 31 at the prison facilities, “said Arya.

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