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Hindustan Times News Updates: Delhi’s Daily Covid Count Drops Further With 871 New Cases Recorded In Past 24 Hours And Latest News


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Delhi registers 871 new cases of Covid-19 and recoveries exceed 600,000

The daily number of cases of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) in Delhi fell further on Wednesday, as the national capital recorded 871 new infections in the previous 24 hours, according to the government’s Covid-19 control panel. With this, the Covid-19 count of the capital city reached 619,618. read more

Karnataka revises the schedule of the night curfew, which will be imposed from tomorrow until January 1

The Karnataka government revised the hours of the night curfew in the state, which is being introduced as a precautionary measure according to the central government council amid fears of a new variant of the new coronavirus (Covid-19) detected in the United Kingdom. read more

Stalker strangles teen and sets her body on fire in Andhra Pradesh

An 18-year-old girl was set on fire after being strangled by her stalker in the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh on Tuesday night, police said. The accused is in police custody. The girl’s half-burned body was found in a farm field in the village of Badanapalli outside the town of Dharmavaram on Wednesday morning. read more

Uttarakhand HC seeks state response on suggestion to ban UK tourists during Mahakumbh

On Wednesday, the Uttarakhand high court ordered the state government to file a response to the suggestion to ban tourists and pilgrims from the UK during the four-month-long Mahakumbh fair that will start from January. The development follows the emergence of the new strain of the Covid-19 virus in the UK. read more

The US Covid-19 aid bill has a new law that establishes up to 10 years in prison for illegal transmission

A piece of legislation has been added to the highly anticipated Covid-19 stimulus bill, passed by the United States Congress after months of negotiation, severely punishing streamers who pirate large amounts of copyrighted content. read more

“ For me, national duty comes before everything else ”: former India spinner Dilip Doshi says he would not have returned home if he had been in Virat Kohli’s shoes

Indian captain Virat Kohli’s decision to return home for the birth of his first child in the middle of the Test series in Australia has prompted several current and former cricketers to give their opinion on the matter. While the BCCI accepted Kohli’s request and granted him paternity leave, several former Indian cricketers have opined that Kohli should have put the game for India above their personal interests. read more

Soul movie review: Jamie Foxx adds the magic touch to Pixar’s mind-blowing musical

Disney has a history of appropriating cultures for profit, but it is also a studio that has always been mindful of changing times. Soul, the new Pixar movie, is a sure step in the right direction. read more

Apple iPhone 12 mini review: a fierce little device

Ever since I wrote my first smartphone review, I’ve been thinking about how big phones are a nightmare. How women can’t fit them in our astonishingly shallow pockets and always have to carry a bag or purse everywhere just so we have a place to store our gadgets and not end up dropping or losing them. read more

Twitter asks netizens to take 2020. The answers will leave you divided

In a few days 2020 will come to an end. From the pandemic to the wildfires, this year seemed like a series of unfortunate events. So it’s no wonder that when Twitter shared a tweet asking people to ‘roast’ 2020, they weren’t waiting to find all kinds of responses. read more

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