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Bengal cannot be converted into Gujarat: Mamata Banerjee | India News


KOLKATA: Mocking the BJP’s repeated claim that Gujarat’s development model will be implemented in West Bengal if the party wins the next state elections, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said on Wednesday that people will have to prevent this from happening. . .
The national anthem, the national song and the slogan ‘Jai Hind’ were all delivered to the world from West Bengal, he said at an event here.
“Bengal thrives on excellence and merit. We cannot allow it to become Gujarat,” said Supreme TMC, who is a vocal critic of BJP.
“The soil of Bengal is the source of life. We have to protect this soil. We have to take pride in this. There is no one who can come from outside and say that this place will become Gujarat,” said the supreme of TMC. repeating his accusation of ‘outsider’ against the saffron party.
“Our message is that we are for everyone … Humanity is for everyone, be it Sikh, Jain, Muslim or Christian. We do not allow any division between them,” he said.
Referring to the new strain of Covid-19, he said that it is very strong and that everyone will have to be very cautious and take extreme care of their health.
As dengue changes its character, the same has happened in the case of Covid-19. “A UK flight arriving at Kolkata airport was carrying two passengers who tested positive. All flights to the UK have been canceled,” Banerjee said.
“Now winter has come and cold and fever are automatic companions. Therefore, additional care is necessary, such as wearing masks, disinfecting phones and clothes,” he said, adding that if people take extra care, then Covid-19 can be defeated.
“Our government has decided to reward coronavirus warriors with money or jobs,” the prime minister said.
Banerjee said artists have been unable to earn money during the year due to the pandemic. The government will hold 630 fairs from December to January and different departments will participate in them.
Folk and other artists will be allowed to participate in these fairs, which will help them overcome their fear of Covid-19. But it will be necessary to maintain the regulation of physical distancing, he added.

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