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Top BJP Leaders Make Frequent Trips To Bengal As Assembly Polls Approach


In addition to frequent visits by the Union Minister of the Interior, Amit Shah, and the national chairman of the Bharatiya Janata Party, JP Nadda, to West Bengal, which is linked to the polls, other senior BJP leaders and ministers of the Narendra government Modi are simultaneously making rounds around the state to bolster the party’s campaign. ahead of the crucial assembly elections scheduled for 2021.

“It’s not just about Shah or Nadda. We also expect Prime Minister Narendra Modi to come to West Bengal, although nothing has been finalized yet. Meanwhile, other central leaders and ministers come to the campaign, ”said a senior BJP leader, adding that Shah is expected to come for a week in January.

On December 20, when the spotlight was on Shah, the BJP’s Mahila Morcha National Chairman Vanathi Srinivasan arrived in West Bengal and has been camping in the state ever since. He has participated in attending organizational meetings and public outreach programs of the party.

While Srinivasan is camping in South Bengal, the Union Cabinet Minister Prahlad Singh Patel made a trip to North Bengal on Tuesday.

“In addition to attending a chai chakra, meeting for a cup of tea, getting closer to the people and spreading the party’s message with an eye toward the upcoming assembly elections and attending door-to-door griha sampark campaigns , is scheduled to address various organizational meetings, ”said a senior BJP leader.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Deputy Minister Keshav Chandra Maurya was also in the state over the weekend.

The party is assembling its largest electoral machinery in the eastern state and as part of it, 294 BJP leaders will arrive in Bengal from Delhi and other states to work with the local unit for the elections.

They will be part of a 45-member team to be established for each constituency; existing district committees will assist these teams, said a BJP official.

“Amit Shah and JP Nadda are expected to come to West Bengal every month. The length of their stay is expected to lengthen as the elections approach, ”said a senior BJP official.

Encouraged by its impressive gains in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, where the party won 18 out of 42 seats, the BJP has set itself a goal of winning more than 200 seats in the 294-member legislative assembly.

However, polling strategist Prashant Kishor, who has been caught by Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee, has challenged the BJP saying the party will not be able to win more than 99 seats out of 294 state assembly seats. On Tuesday, PTI quoted Kishor asking if BJP leaders will resign if they fail to get 200 seats, a target set by Amit Shah for the 2021 elections. Trinamool’s Congress had previously won 211 of 294 seats in the West Bengal assembly. .

“The central leadership of the BJP has imported officials from other states as they have no faith in the local leadership,” Kakali Ghosh Dastidar, a TMC MP, previously said three times.

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